Remobilization in Winter and Facultative Wheat Genotypes under Optimal and Late Season Water Limited Conditions

Document Type : Research Article





In order to study remobilization in wheat genotypes (Triticum aestivam L.) under optimal and water limited conditions at the end of growing season a field experiment was conducted using 16 wheat genotypes obtain from countrywide program of cold climate. The selected genotypes with winter and facultative growth habit were compared with two cultivar Shahriar and C-80-4 as control. The experiment was conducted as randomized complete block design with three replications at Torogh Research Station, Khorasan Agricultural Research Center. Dry matter translocated (DMT), contribution of pre anthesis assimilates to grain filling (CPAAG), remobilization efficiency (RE) and spike harvest index (SHI) was compared between genotypes. All traits were correlated with remobilization and the highest percentage of remobilization under water limited conditions was obtained in genotype 14.

Keywords: Wheat, Remobilization, Genotype